LensWork – The World’s Finest Photography Publication

Are you familiar with LensWork? I suspect that most of you are, but if you are not… I consider LensWork to be the world’s finest photography publication. Why? Because of the quality of the artists they publish and because of the quality of the printing, it is spectacular! The quality is better than most of… continue reading

Thank You Singh-Ray!

A huge thanks to Singh-Ray who heard that I had smashed my MOR-SLO 15-stop ND filter while in the Faroe Islands and then very kindly rushed me a replacement. Their generosity and thoughtfulness is greatly appreciated. I am a big fan of Singh-Ray products. I use their polarizer, their Vari-ND and their MOR-SLO 5, 10,… continue reading

Sometimes Learning is About Unlearning

I’ve been listening to Brian Wilson’s book: I am Brian Wilson. A Memoir. Something he said near the end really struck me: : “You’d think that by the time I got to 60, I would have learned almost everything about singing. But that turned out not to be true at all. I kept learning. And… continue reading

Farewell Cruel World!

Well, only for a month…I am headed to the Faroe Islands. I am really excited about this trip, not because I know what I’ll find there, but because I have no idea what I’ll find. I do no planning or research when I am planning my trips. I do not look at other people’s images… continue reading

Photographer travels the world to capture black-and-white images

Photographer travels the world to capture black-and-white images Cole Thompson work on display at Lincoln Gallery in June By Kenneth Jessen For the Reporter-Herald POSTED: 06/14/2017 10:04:18 AM MDT   Photographer Cole Thompson enjoys the creative process. His “Moai Sitting for Portraits,” shot on Easter Island, will be on display for the month of June at the… continue reading

Before and After – The Jim Bridger Power Plant

      This is a “before and after” of the Jim Bridger Power Plant that I created recently. The before does not differ a great deal from the after, but there are a few differences. Can you spot them? Hint: the first change is abbreviated b&w. I like to use the word “create” rather… continue reading

This Week in Photo – Behind the Shot – The Angel Gabriel

The Angel Gabriel

Moai, Sitting for Portrait – Exhibition at the Lincoln Gallery

My “Moai, Sitting for Portrait” series will be featured at the Lincoln Gallery in Loveland, CO for the month of June with an opening reception on June 9th.  Here is the artist statement for this series: In January of 2015 I spent two weeks photographing the Moai of Easter Island. This fulfilled a lifelong dream,… continue reading

Alter-View Interview

Over the last couple of weeks I have had the pleasure to speak with Dasha from Alter-View. The result is this interview: https://www.alter-view.com/magazine/photography-showcase-cole-thompson Cole

A Nice Note from the Jim Bridger Power Plant

If you’ll recall from a couple of weeks ago, I sent a print of this image to the Plant Manager of the Jim Bridger Power Plant. (you can read the story below) I just received a nice note from him: Cole P.S. Here’s the original story: I was heading to Death Valley by way of… continue reading