Out of Chicago Live! 2021

  Hi everyone, as you might remember I was to present at Out of Death Valley in January, but our dear friend Covid had other ideas. So now I’m scheduled to participate in Out of Chicago Live! 2021, which being a webinar event, is certain to take place.     I’ll be participating in three… continue reading

Would It Be Worth It?

  I have been a HUGE Beatles fan ever since I first saw them on the Ed Sullivan Show in 1964. Several years later I became a fan of the band Badfinger who reminded me of the Beatles. Well it turns out that the Beatles and Badfinger were connected…very connected. Badfinger was the first band… continue reading


      I’ve been doing a lot of Zoom presentations to Camera Clubs and recently I’ve been getting feedback that I’ve never heard before…and it really surprised me:   Thank you for giving me permission to create what I love   Thank you for giving me permission to ignore the rules   Thank you… continue reading

Ten Things I Would Never Do…Again

When you read these “Ten Things That I Would Never Do” you may disagree with one of them, you may disagree with several of them and you might even be offended…   Please don‘t be!   These are not ten things that YOU should never do, but ten things that I will never do…again.     1. Offer… continue reading

My Biggest Failure…

Criticism can be devastating, but praise can be even more dangerous     In May of 2008 I created The Ghosts of Auschwitz-Birkenau which was widely published and exhibited. In addition to the public success, I consider the work a personal success because I love and am proud of the images.   And with the success came… continue reading

Just. Let. Go.

  Picasso said “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”   I believe we all start life with our Vision fully intact and guiding us. We start off young, innocent and we’ve not yet learned to conform or to please others.    For example: as a… continue reading

To Create Great Images You Must Go to Great Locations…

Tongariki, Easter Island   Perhaps you’ve noticed that for the past several years, most of my best images were created in exotic and far away places such as Easter Island, Ukraine, Newfoundland, Hawaii, Alaska, Poland, Iceland and the Faroe Islands.   You see the same coming from other photographers: exotic images coming from exotic lands…. continue reading

Why Do I Write Blog Articles?

The Fox – Anaheim 1971 I was talking with some friends recently and they asked why I write these articles. I thought about my motivations and wanted to share them.   First, I don’t do it for the money…because there is none! I don’t sell advertising or subscriptions.    I don’t do it to win… continue reading

Five Simple Steps to Create Award Winning Images

  Five Simple Steps to Create Award Winning Images   You clicked on this link? Seriously, how gullible are you? There are no simple steps or secret tips to creating a great image. If anything the title of this article should read: 5 Hard Things You Must Do To Create Images That YOU Love. That’s… continue reading

How Important is Your Equipment?

  How important is your equipment? Not nearly as important as you think!   I was recently attending a photography convention and got to see the new Fuji 102mp medium-format camera. One word comes to mind:   Wow!   The Fuji rep let me take it outside for a spin and the images and resolution… continue reading