Five Steps to More Meaningful Photography

  John and I recently posted a YouTube video in which we talked about the sales pitches we see in photography: “Follow this one rule for better photographs.” “The three key steps to becoming a better photographer.” “Ten things to improve your photography.” “Do this ONE thing!” Each hyperbolic statement is designed to get you… continue reading

Seeing for Yourself

  Learning to see for yourself? Who else would I see for?   Well for many years I did not see for myself. I saw through the lens of Ansel Adams, through the lens of my mentors, through the lens of rules. I saw things how I was told that I should see them, by… continue reading

Vision: How Badly Do You Want It?

I talk a great deal about Vision, because it changed my photography. It helped me make the transition from “taking pictures” to “creating images.”   And the lessons I learned about following my Vision, helped me to change my life. You see, following your Vision is not really about photography, it is about life.  … continue reading

Is An AI Generated Photography…A Real Photograph?

Midjourney by Jason Allen (and AI)   It was recently revealed that an award winning photograph was actually AI generated. I was discussing this with my son Caleb, who is majoring in Computer Science, and the question arose: is an AI generated photograph, a real photograph?   A day later, Caleb emailed me and said… continue reading

If You Could Do Just One Thing to Improve Your Photography…What Would It Be?

    Stranded     If you wanted to improve your photography and you could do just one thing…what would it be? What, among all of the many possibilities, would help you create better images?   I Googled this question and here are some of the many ideas I found:   Buy a better camera… continue reading

Ukrainians, with Eyes Shut

    My Friend:   My heart aches for Ukraine. I am glued to the news and am constantly asking myself: what more can I do? Then last night I suddenly realized that I could help others appreciate what the Ukrainian people are like.   In 2008 I visited my son (Cody) and soon to… continue reading

Out of Chicago Live! 2021

  Hi everyone, as you might remember I was to present at Out of Death Valley in January, but our dear friend Covid had other ideas. So now I’m scheduled to participate in Out of Chicago Live! 2021, which being a webinar event, is certain to take place.     I’ll be participating in three… continue reading

Would It Be Worth It?

  I have been a HUGE Beatles fan ever since I first saw them on the Ed Sullivan Show in 1964. Several years later I became a fan of the band Badfinger who reminded me of the Beatles. Well it turns out that the Beatles and Badfinger were connected…very connected. Badfinger was the first band… continue reading


      I’ve been doing a lot of Zoom presentations to Camera Clubs and recently I’ve been getting feedback that I’ve never heard before…and it really surprised me:   Thank you for giving me permission to create what I love   Thank you for giving me permission to ignore the rules   Thank you… continue reading

Ten Things I Would Never Do…Again

When you read these “Ten Things That I Would Never Do” you may disagree with one of them, you may disagree with several of them and you might even be offended…   Please don‘t be!   These are not ten things that YOU should never do, but ten things that I will never do…again.     1. Offer… continue reading