February 26, 2021

Out of Chicago Live! 2021


Hi everyone, as you might remember I was to present at Out of Death Valley in January, but our dear friend Covid had other ideas.

So now I’m scheduled to participate in Out of Chicago Live! 2021, which being a webinar event, is certain to take place.



I’ll be participating in three ways:

First, I’ll be presenting my “Why Black and White” presentation. Now, if you’re thinking “yeah, yeah, I’ve heard that presentation before.” Think again Ansel, it changes almost every time I present it!

Second, I’ll be conducting a class called “The Photoshop Heretic” on my super-simple Black and White processing approach.

And thirdly, I’ll be participating in a panel discussion entitled “Are You A Photographer or Artist?” A topic I’ll enjoy since I’ve been on both sides of that fence. 

There are a lot of great people participating and lot of friends!

    • John (I taught him everything) Barclay
    • David (he loves my donkey) Kingham
    • Jennifer (I love her dolphins!) Renwick
    • Brooks (how does he do it all?) Jensen
    • Chuck (whom I’ve never met) Kimmerle
    • Sarah (my Colorado neighbor) Marino


Should you attend Out of Chicago Live! 2021?  Hop on over to their website and check out the program and you decide!


But I will be there, stirring it up and being 100% honest…but always with respect for another’s point of view.



5 thoughts on “Out of Chicago Live! 2021

  1. Hi Cole!
    You crack me up!! Love to see some friendly jabs back at John B as he doesn’t hold back in his presentations 😉

    This Out of Chicago event is going to be even better than the first two! Signed up, looking forward to your presentation.

  2. I just registered for the Chicago session I look forward to your class on Black and White the lectures and everything else about what seems to be a wonderful non-live workshop for my exhibit this month that the depot I put up a couple black and white photos I look forward to your class

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