June 14, 2017

Photographer travels the world to capture black-and-white images

Photographer travels the world to capture black-and-white images

Cole Thompson work on display at Lincoln Gallery in June
By Kenneth Jessen
For the Reporter-Herald
POSTED: 06/14/2017 10:04:18 AM MDT


Photographer Cole Thompson enjoys the creative process. His “Moai Sitting for Portraits,” shot on Easter Island, will be on display for the month of June at the Lincoln Gallery. (KENNETH JESSEN / Loveland Reporter-Herald)

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P.S. My thanks to Ken for such a nice article!

P.P.S. My special thanks for Ken for getting me to smile, I NEVER smile in photographs!


4 thoughts on “Photographer travels the world to capture black-and-white images

  1. Old Buddy; Dang, you sure look good smiling, you should do it more!! I can say this to be truthful I never seen your face before,,, But if the other side looks so bad,,,, keep on smiling!!! L.A.HOLLIS

  2. Hey Cole nice smile!
    The dream and idea of having the Moai go to your studio for a sitting was a very clever one! These stories keep your artwork fresh and interesting! Congratulations on your exhibit and recognition! You continue to amaze me with your passion of photography. May you continue to find beauty in this world to share with the rest of us and please keep smiling! ! !

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