November 2, 2012

San Francisco

I just spent the most wonderful five days in the San Francisco area.  I was warmly received by the Palo Alto Camera Club and then spent some time in the City where my wife and I enjoyed the sights and some fantastic food. Then we spent a day walking on and around the Golden Gate Bridge with spectacularly perfect weather.  

While on the bridge I spied this Monolith which I wanted to photograph.  I spent several hours trying to find a vantage point where I could photograph it alone, separated from the city.  However due to a restricted area under the bridge, I was unable to find such a shot and gave up. But I’ve learned that when the ideal conditions do not exist, you should look for other opportunities in the non-ideal conditions.

Instead of photographing this Monolith alone as I had done with all of the other images ( decided to include a man made structure to show the contrast between the two.

I like how the contrast between nature and man works in this image to make it stronger. 





7 thoughts on “San Francisco

  1. Very powerful image Cole. I first saw it on my iPhone and couldn’t quite get into it, but I’ve just spent 15 or so minutes looking at it on my monitor and have fully enjoyed viewing it.

  2. I love the image its a grabber. I like the way the natural monolith pulls in my vision and the man made monolith the G.G. bridge runs “in” from far behind and “out ” on the curve diagonal to the right. Thanks as always for sharing your images.
    Houston TX

  3. Very cool! If you had told me beforehand, I might have thought including the bridge would detract from the impact of the Monolith. I totally don’t think that’s the case, though! In fact, it’s helped me to realize that there’s a lot of flexibility in creating a series of images, as long as you stay true to the defining characteristics of the common theme. Thanks!

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