August 31, 2012

Death Valley: Where Time Stands Still

My portfolio “Death Valley: Where Time Stands Still” is featured in the current issue of LensWork.  It is always an honor to be featured here.

If you’ve never seen a printed copy of LensWork, then you are missing out on one of the finest printed publications in the world.  The quality of their duotone printing surpasses most of the photo books I own and the quality of their featured photographers is consistently high.  And then there is LensWork Extended, a DVD with additional content such as audio interviews, additional images, video and even…dare I utter the word…color!

Something else  I love about LensWork are  the writings of editor Brooks Jensen.  I have always liked his out-of-the-mainstream views and appreciated his common-sense wisdom about art and photography (even though we differ in opinion on “Photographic Celibacy!“)

So far I have had these portfolios featured in LensWork and LensWork Extended:

  • Grain Silos
  • Ceiling Lamps
  • The Ghosts of Auschwitz-Birkenau
  • Death Valley: Where Time Stands Still

Unfortunately you can no longer purchase LensWork on the newsstands, however you can purchase a copy or subscribe here:

If you were going to read just one photo publication, I’d suggest that you get rid of the ones that focus on equipment and subscribe to LensWork that focuses on art.  At $39 a year, it is a steal and I’m not sure how Brooks Jensen can afford to do it!



10 thoughts on “Death Valley: Where Time Stands Still

  1. Congratulations, Cole, on this and all of the good stuff you mention in your newsletter too. I really like the Moshe Safdie images!

  2. Ditto all your comments on Lenswork. The quality and scope amazing and inspiring. And I always appreciate how well packaged so there is no damage in shipping. Mr. Jensen seems to have keen insight in presenting the best of the best!

    Congrats on all your recent news. I am glad I don’t agree with you either on photographic celibacy–otherwise I would never have found your beautiful work which is meant to be seen and loved by so many! : )))

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