November 16, 2008

Safe Harbor

I’ve just returned from Orange County in California, my old stomping grounds, and have a few new images that I’ll be showing in my next newsletter. Here is one entitled “Safe Harbor.”

It was taken at the Dana Point harbor and I was pondering the difference in the sea on one side of the wall compared to the other. One is calm and the other turbulent.

It made me think of the walls we put up in our lives, and wondering if they really provide calm or they are just a way to avoid certain things.

6 thoughts on “Safe Harbor

  1. Hello, Cole (or is it Mr. Thompson?)

    I’m glad that you’ve finally expanded your presence on the various internets – now I can keep an eye on you even when the email newsletter isn’t being sent!

    As for this photo, great job! I’m always impressed by the soft gradients you get out of fields of color – your technique is something I wish I could do!

  2. “walls we put up in our lives”
    You must be a philosopher in additin to being such an excellent artist/photographer.
    YOur blog is certainly quality.

    Best wishes to y’all for a bounti-full Thanksgiving Day.

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