November 6, 2008

Ceiling Lamps

I continue to add new images to my “Ceiling Lamps” portfolio.  I went out for 2 days and visited every business I could find.   In general, I found that the small business and the ultra modern office buildings had the best ceiling lamps.

I also found that working in a small town is much easier than in the city.  I spent one day in Denver and was told “no” as often as I was allowed to photograph the ceiling lamp.  The larger and more corporate the business, the more likely the No!

The image above was taken in the entry way of a new Asian Restaurant in Fort Collins.

I’ll be updating the portfolio in a couple of weeks and will show it in the next newsletter.

View the existing Ceiling Lamp Portfolio

2 thoughts on “Ceiling Lamps

  1. Hi Cole! The 6th ceiling light image in the group looks like that mind eraser from an old Star Trek movie! I take it you don’t use your heavy-duty ND filters to take these shots…
    BTW, I have a blog too, link from my home page (blogspot, very easy to set up as well.) I took a LOT of panoramas on our Utah/CA trip (the views were just too large to fit on one image!)

  2. Harry, you a Trekkie?

    You’re right, no ND on the Ceiling Lamps.

    I really like the Panorama images, particularly the Arches one, with the great blue sky.

    Thanks for writing Harry!


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