January 18, 2013

2008-12-10 Death Valley Dune - Final 7-7-2011 750

I’m leaving for my annual Death Valley trip in the morning.  I’m going for two weeks this year, a little longer than most because I’m also hopping over to L.A. to attend the Auschwitz Liberation Day remembrance at the Simon Wiesenthal Museum of Tolerance.

2012-1-14 Dune Detail No 43 - Final 1-27-2012 750

What will I do for two weeks?

2012-1-14 Death Valley Hills - Final 1-27-2012 750

The first thing I’m going to do is enjoy being alone with my thoughts.

2012-1-14 Death Valley Dune Abstract - Final 1-27-2012 750

My goal is to clear my head of all the day to day clutter that keeps me preoccupied with relatively unimportant stuff.

2012-1-14 Charcoal Kilns - Final 1-27-2012 750

I hope to continue on my quest to “see differently.”  Not differently from everyone else, but differently from myself.

2011-1-11 Zabriestki Point - Final 1-23-2010 750

Would I love to come home with a dozen of good  images?  Yes, but I’d rather come home with a single great one.

2011-1-11 Road to Nowhere - Final 1-23-2010 750

One that I am in love with.

2011-1-11 Borax Summit - Final 1-23-2011 750

One that I am proud of.

2008-12-10 Time No 2 - Final 12-22-2008 750

That’s not too much to hope for, is it?