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 Issue 45
February 4, 2011 
Road to Nowhere

(The Road to Nowhere - Death Valley, CA - 2011)

30% Discount
Print Drawing
Diagonal Cloud
Zabriskie Point
Discordant Lines
Lone Man No. 40

Dear Cole, 

As an artist, I believe in creating images rather than capturing photographs.  Everything I do is a part of this creation process; from where I stand, the lens I choose, my composition and the exposure.  But that's only half of the story; the other half takes place when I process the image and bring it into final compliance with my vision.  My objective is to create images according to this vision.


The images I'm presenting in this newsletter were created in Death Valley and La Jolla, CA during the production of two DVD Workshops, one on basic Black and White Photography and the other on Long Exposures.  Each of these images were created as we filmed and were used to illustrate a lesson.  I feel fortunate because several of the images will be added to my permanent body of work.


If you're in the Dallas area during February/March, I'd like to invite you to view my exhibition "The Ghosts of Auschwitz-Birkenau" at the Dallas Holocaust Museum/Center for Education and Tolerance.  The exhibit opens to the public on Friday, February 18th and runs through March 20th. 

If you're in the area, please attend, the Museum and exhibit are doing important work.


30% Discount

Exploding Wave
(Exploding Wave - La Jolla, Ca - 2011)

I'm happy to announce that my new images from Death Valley and La Jolla are being offered at a 30% discount through March 1, 2011. 

Click here to see the new images.

The discounted price is as follows:

8"X12" image, matted to 16"X20"           $175     (original price $250)

10"X15" image, matted to 20"X24"         $280     (original price $400)

To order, send me an email at Cole@ColeThompsonPhotography.com or call me at 970-218-9649. 

Print Drawing

Footprints on Dune
(Footprints on Dune - Death Valley, CA - 2011)

This month's drawing is for a print of "Footprints on Dune."  To enter the drawing just send an email to Cole@ColeThompsonPhotography.com with "Footprints on Dune" in the subject line.  As always, good luck!

The winner of last month's drawing is Diane Neves who has won a signed copy of the book "Why Photographs Work" by George Barr. 

For those of you who really wanted to win but didn't, the book is available for a very reasonable price at Amazon.com.  It is an amazing read that gives one the opportunity to see iconic images analyzed and to hear the back story by the artist themselves. 

Diagonal Cloud

Diagonal Cloud
(Diagonal Cloud - Death Valley, CA - 2011)

In my opinion, clouds are among the most elusive photographic subjects.  They can look so spectacular to the eye, but when you try to recreate that essence with a camera, they rarely look as good.  And the more delicate the cloud, the greater the challenge.

I came across this wonderful example in Death Valley and I'm pleased with the results.   "Diagonal Cloud" and five others have been added to my Clouds Portfolio.

View Cloud Portfolio


YouTube Videos

Borax Summit

(Borax Hills - Death Valley,CA - 2011)

I've just added two new YouTube videos that feature some of my recent work:


The Lone Man 


I've also set up a "Cole Thompson Photography" channel on YouTube where you can view all of my videos including "The Ghosts of Auschwitz-Birkenau."  

Zabriskie Point

Zabriskie Point
(Zabriskie Point - Death Valley, CA - 2011)

What do you do when you visit one of the most photographed spots in the world?  You photograph!  Going to Death Valley in January is a real delight; there's hardly anyone there,  the days are warm and the skies beautiful.  Even if I had come back from the trip empty handed, I'd still be happy with the experience.


Discordant Lines

Discordant Lines
(Discordant Lines - Death Valley, CA - 2011)

I have always loved geometry and architecture, and perhaps this explains why I'm drawn to lines, patterns, symmetry and order in my work.

Lone Man No. 40

Lone Man No. 40
(Lone Man No. 40 - La Jolla, CA - 2011)

Each time I feel that I've completed a portfolio, I see a new image and cannot resist creating just one more.  Here's a new addition to The Lone Man series, all of which were created using 30 second exposures.  The portfolio illustrates the mesmerizing effect the ocean has on people and how it causes them to pause and contemplate things much larger than self.

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Dark Hills

(Dark Hills - Death Valley, CA - 2011)

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