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 Issue 49      October 7, 2011    
Monolith No. 48

(Monolith No. 48 - Bandon, OR - 2011)

Dunes of Nude

Dear Cole,

I've just returned from a ten day retreat on the Oregon Coast where I did only three things: look, think and create.  One thing that impressed me on this trip was the "cycle of life" that I saw constantly repeated.  Everything living ebbs and flows, comes and goes, lives and dies.  This cycle has been endlessly repeating for eons and will continue long past our own existence.

As I walked the beaches for hours each day, this theme was brought to mind again and again as I came across animals in distress.  With each one I had to ask myself "should I help or should I let nature take its course?"

The clear impression that I was left with is that death is as natural and as common as life, and that no other creature besides man worries about it.  Nature just takes it in stride.

It was with this thought in mind that I created the image "The Cycle of Life."  You can see this image at the bottom of this newsletter.  I had it positioned above, but my wife said it wasn't a good image and that if I featured it, people would write me!  I personally think it's a beautiful image.  Who is right?  (loaded question, I know)


During this trip I created several new images for my Monolith series which you can see below.  I've also started a new series entitled "The Dunes of Nude" and created a YouTube video to introduce this portfolio; which you can watch here.


If you're interested in learning more about my photographic philosophies and some of my techniques, please visit my blog:


The Dunes of Nude

Dunes of Nude No. 39
(Dunes of Nude No. 39 - Oregon Coast - 2008)
Along the Oregon Coast just north of Brookings is a windsurfing spot.  The winds are fierce and there is only a small amount of beach before a sheer rock face stops the wind's retreat.  There, nestled between the cliff and the sea is a small strip of dune, compressed by the wind into a sculpted miniature.  These compressed shapes are extreme and at a certain time of day the angle of the sun creates sharp breaks that brings out new shapes, contrasts and divisions.

I created my first image there three years ago (above) and during my recent trip this small dune attracted my attention again and again.  Please allow me to introduce the start of a new portfolio entitled "The Dunes of Nude." 

You can see several of the images below, but they are really intended to be viewed together as a portfolio.  View all images here.

Or click here for a video presentation of "The Dunes of Nude."

Dunes of Nude No 10
(The Dunes of Nude No. 10 - Oregon Coast - 2011)

The Dunes of Nude No. 7
(The Dunes of Nude No. 7 - Oregon Coast - 2011) 

The Dunes of Nude No. 31
(The Dunes of Nude No. 31 - Oregon Coast - 2011) 


Monolith No. 42

Monolith No. 33
(Monolith No. 33 - Oregon Coast - 2011) 

Monolith No. 35
(Monolith No. 35 - Oregon Coast - 2011) 

Monolith No. 47
(Monolith No. 47 - Oregon Coast - 2011)



(Concentricity - Oregon Coast - 2011)

*  My exhibit "The Ghosts of Auschwitz-Birkenau" opened at the  Old Firehouse Art Center on September 9th and runs through October 14th.  


*  I received a warm welcome from Denver's South West Photo Club and many asked if I could make my PowerPoint presentation and workflow handout available.  I have done so and you can download that here or here.  Please be advised that these are very large files.  


Singh-Ray produced a short video tutorial that features Tony Sweet, Adam Barker and myself.  It is called "In the Field with Singh-Ray Filters" and you can view it here.

*  Read about my "Ten Tips for Long Exposure Photography." 

*  Many have asked when my two new instructional videos will be available.  The first is on long exposures, the second on black and white.  The producer of the videos, Master Photo Workshops, says they are working on them, but there is no release date as of yet.  Sorry!  

*  My workshop on "Keeping it Simple" is being offered through The Center for Fine Art Photography.  As the name implies, the focus will be on keeping things simple, including our thinking, shooting, post processing and especially the image.  The workshop will be held on four successive Wednesday evenings starting October 19th.  Click here for more info

*  My images are regularly featured on television, movies, in magazines and on CD covers.  Recently my image "Railroad Tracks" was featured on Morgan O'Kane's new CD entitled "Pendulum."

*  You can read my interview in Adore Noir magazine here.



Bent Grass

(Bent Grass Against Barn - Southern Colorado - 2004 )

The winner of last month's drawing for a "Ceiling Lamps" poster goes to Darryl Kintzel.  Congratulations Darryl, please contact me with your address so that I can get this off to you!

This month's drawing will be for one of my favorite prints, "Bent Grass Against Barn."  I love its simplicity, the shape of the grass and the contrast. 

For those of you new to my newsletter drawings, all you need do is email me at and put "Bent Grass Drawing" in the subject line.  Of course if you'd like to also say hello or make a comment, that would be nice too.

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The Cycle of Life

(The Cycle of Life - Bandon, OR - 2011)

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