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 Issue 44
January 1, 2011 
Little Corona
Book Drawing
The Fountainhead
Instructional DVD's
Breast Cancer

Dear Cole, 

Happy New Year! 

With so much gone wrong in the world today it's easy to forget that most of life and people are still very good.   Perhaps it's all about what you focus on, so this year I'm planning to focus more on the good.

I hope you'll join me.



Sea Lions at Rest

I've just spent a week in California where I visited Little Corona (top of page) and once again returned to my favorite spot, La Jolla Cove in San Diego (above).  In January I'll be spending time in Death Valley and La Jolla to produce two Instructional DVD's which you can read about below.

Book Drawing

Why Photographs Work 52 Cover
(Why Photographs Work, By George Barr)

I've just received my copies of "Why Photographs Work" by George Barr.  This book takes a look at 52 iconic images and analyzes why they work.  Included is one of my Auschwitz images, George's analysis of it and my comments about the experience. 

To enter the drawing, please send an email to with "Why Photographs Work" in the subject line.  Good luck!

The Fountainhead

Fountainhead No. 85
(The Fountainhead No. 85 - San Diego, CA - 2010)

It was two years ago that I was driving through downtown San Diego when the idea behind The Fountainhead struck me.  This project has been a labor of love because the first two loves in my life were architecture and photography.  An additional benefit of the series is that I get to pay homage to one of my favorite books; "The Fountainhead."  It is the story of an architect who is true to self, regardless of the cost.

These additional images were created in San Diego, where the idea was born.

View the entire Fountainhead portfolio.

Fountainhead No. 86
(The Fountainhead No. 86 - San Diego, CA - 2010)

Fountainhead No. 87
(The Fountainhead No. 87 - San Diego, CA - 2010)

Fountainhead No. 88
(The Fountainhead No. 88 - San Diego, CA - 2010)

Fountainhead No. 89
(The Fountainhead No. 89 - San Diego, CA - 2010)

Instructional DVD's

Time No. 2
(Time No. 2 - Death Valley, CA - 2008)

In January I'll be spending a week in Death Valley and then some time in La Jolla, CA to produce two instructional DVD's.  The first is on Black and White Photography and the second on Long Exposures.  I have a passion for both of these topics and so I really look forward to the experience!

The DVD's are produced by Master Photo Workshops and I'll keep you posted when they'll be available. 

Linnie, A Portrait of Breast Cancer

The Sun Cover (Linnie)
(The Sun Magazine, January 2011)

Images from my portfolio "Linnie, A Portrait of Breast Cancer" are featured in the January 2011 issue of The Sun, including the cover.

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Rushing Waters
(Rushing Waters - Northern Virginia - 2005)

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