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Issue 42
October 1st, 2010
Monolith No 10
Vision Workshop
Beach Treasures
A Color Image?
The Fountainhead
Drawing Results

Dear Cole, 

There are always opportunities, but you must be open to them.

I just spent nine days on the Coast of Oregon for my annual photo retreat.  I had been visualizing how I would approach some new images for my Monolith portfolio, but as is often the case the weather had no regard for my plans and it rained almost every day.

At first I spent my time staring out the window, watching the weather reports and hoping for a change in the weather.  But when it became clear that the rain would continue throughout the trip, it dawned on me that unexpected circumstances could either be a disappointment, or an opportunity for new ideas; depending on how you chose to view things.

So I changed my mindset.
I looked for new opportunities.
And I found them.

This newsletter contains several new images from my "Monolith" portfolio as well as some additions to "The Fountainhead" portfolio.

I hope you are well, when you get a chance please send me an email with your thoughts.



The Angel Gabriel
(Monolith No. 15 - Oregon Coast - 2010)

I have always been drawn to Monoliths, first in 1971 when I read "Aku Aku, The Secret of Easter Island" by Thor Hyerdahl.  I spent many hours thinking about these giant stone statues, their origins and meanings. 

Later I became fascinated by Stonehenge; giant monoliths arranged in circles by ancient peoples.  What does it mean?

So when I visited the Oregon Coast for the first time, I was stunned to see the many monoliths, not created by man, but by God.  It was as though the earth was His chess board and the monoliths were the pieces from an unfinished game. 

Click here to view the entire Monolith portfolio.

Harbinger No. 1
(Monolith No. 11 - Oregon Coast - 2010)

Foot Bridge No. 2
(Monolith No. 18 - Oregon Coast - 2010)

Plate of Leaves
(Monolith No. 13 - Oregon Coast - 2010)

Lone Man No 35
(Monolith No. 27 - Oregon Coast - 2010)

(Monolith No. 19 - Oregon Coast - 2010)

Vision Workshop

Auschwitz No. 4
(Moon and Gull - 1971)

For years I searched to find my vision and at times questioned if I would ever find it.  And when I finally did discover it, I assumed that it had only recently developed.

Last month when I was cleaning my office, I discovered this lost print from 1971.  As I digitized and cleaned it up, I realized that even back then my vision and style was emerging.  View my other images from 1971

I now understand that it didn't take me all these years to develop my style, but rather it took me that long to recognize it.

Finding your vision is the key to being successful with your art.  I believe that the experiences I've had in finding and developing my vision could be helpful to others and so I'll be teaching a workshop at The Center for Fine Art Photography entitled "Developing Your Creative Vision and a Cohesive Body of Work." 

The workshop is in Fort Collins, CO and starts next Wednesday, October 6th, 2010.  There are three additional Wednesday classes (10/20, 11/3 and 11/17) from 6-9 pm.

For more information, please go to:

Beach Treasures

Portfolio Page
(Rain on Feather - Oregon Coast - 2010)

Walking on the beach in the rain causes you to look down and see things you might not have seen on a sunny day.  It's a good thing that all days are not sunny days.

(Footprint - Oregon Coast - 2010)

(Encased - Oregon Coast - 2008)

A Color Image?
(Monolith No. 29 - 2010)

For some reason, I just didn't have the heart to convert this one to black and white!

  The Fountainhead

Fountainhead No 70
(The Fountainhead No. 70 - Portland, OR)

Here are four new images in The Fountainhead series, each from Portland, Oregon.

View the entire Fountainhead portfolio.

Fountainhead No 73
(The Fountainhead No. 73 - Portland, OR)

Howard Roark: I don't build in order to have clients. I have clients in order to build!

Fountainhead No 72
(The Fountainhead No. 72 - Portland, OR)

Howard Roark: A building has integrity, just as a man and just as seldom! It must be true to its own idea, have its own form, and serve its own purpose!

Fountainhead No 71
(The Fountainhead No. 71 - Portland, OR)

Ellsworth Toohey: There's the building that should have been yours. There are buildings going up all over the city which are great chances refused and given to incompetent fools. You're walking the streets while they're doing the work that you love but cannot obtain. This city is closed to you. It is I who have done it! Don't you want to know my motive?

Howard Roark
: No!

Ellsworth Toohey
: I'm fighting you and shall fight you in every way I can.

Howard Roark
: You're free to do what you please!

Ellsworth Toohey
: Mr. Roark, we're alone here. Why don't you tell me what you think of me in any words you wish.

Howard Roark
: But I don't think of you!

Poster Drawing Winner

The Corner of the Pier
(Bandon Beach Rock - Bandon, OR)

The winner of this month's drawing is Jonathan Parsons from Lenoir, NC.  I'll be sending JP a signed copy of Lenswork that featured my Auschwitz and Birkenau portfolio.

Next month's drawing will be for a matted print of "Fluid Water No. 3"  To enter the drawing please email me with "Fluid Water" in the subject line.

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