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Issue 34
October 16, 2009
Moon and Clouds

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Dear Cole,

Many of my images have taught me a lesson.  Some immediately, some later.  Some about art, some about life.

In this newsletter I'd like to share with you a few of the lesson's that I have learned.  You can read one of them below and then click on the link to read the others.


I worry that I haven't properly promoted my blog.  I have thousands of people receiving my newsletter and only about six people following my blog.  Well, maybe a few more than six, but not a lot!

My blog goes a different direction than my newsletter and is short and sweet.  If you have a moment, please check it out.


Christmas is coming and it's not too soon to be thinking about gifts for your loved ones.  Who wouldn't appreciate a beautiful black and white Cole Thompson image?  I know that I would...

Times are hard this year, harder than they've been in a long time and so my small contribution is to offer 25% Christmas Discount.  Read about it below.

Nobody wishes for tough times, but with the right attitude we can learn important lessons from them.  My wish is that your times are not too tough and the lessons learned are good ones.


Inspirational Video:  I've always had a soft spot in my heart for animals.  Here's a short video about a man and his fox. Watch the Video

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12 Images / 12 Lessons
Windmill in Moonlight
(Windmill in Moonlight)

This is the first of my 12 Images / 12 Lessons:

1.  Always Stop, There Are No Second Chances

It was late, it was cold, and I just wanted to make it to Grand Island in Nebraska and get a room when I saw this scene.  There were high snow banks on both sides of the road which made it impossible to stop, so I drove on telling myself that it really wasn't that great of a shot and alternatively, that I'd find something like that again.  But then I remembered a vow that I had recently made to myself, that I'd always stop when I saw a shot.
I had to go a pretty good distance before I could turn around and make another pass looking for somewhere to pull off.  I had to do this three times before I found a spot which was quite a distance away.  Then, because of the snow banks and heavy truck traffic, I had to walk through deep snow to get to the location.  The temperature was near zero and I was very cold, and worse yet my batteries kept dying.  I'd have to warm them up in my pocket to get enough power to get a few more shots.
"Windmill in Moonlight" was the resulting shot and I am so glad that I stopped, because it was such a unique image and I'm sure I'd never have that opportunity again.  This experience really reinforced my commitment to always stop, there are no second chances.

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I Need Help
The Photographer's Son
(The Photographer's Son)

I need some expert makeup advice from a professional.  I have a project in mind that will require some extreme makeup and I need to know how to do it safely and with a minimum of mess to the subjects.

If you work in the movie, film or similar industry and might be able to advise me, please contact me at:

Thank you!

Have You Lost Your Job?

I've made many friends as a photographer, and it always causes me concern to learn a friend is going through hard times, especially those who find themselves unemployed during this recession. 

I have an idea brewing; if you've lost your job, would you send me your story?
Poudre River Spillway
(Poudre River Spillway)

  • CBT Bank in Fort Collins recently exhibited twenty five of my selected images.
  • "The Sun" Magazine published my "Ukrainians, With Eyes Shut" portfolio in their August 2009 issue.  My images also appeared in the September and November issues.
  • Two images from my Auschwitz and Birkenau series were selected by Juror Russell Joslin for exhibition in "The Spirit World" by the New Orleans Photo Alliance Gallery.  The images also received the 2nd place Juror's Award.
  • My image "Harbinger No. 1" received an Honorable Mention from Photographer's Forum magazine in their 29th Annual Spring Photography Contest.
  • Watch my images on YouTube.  I created some of these, friends did others and some were created by spontaneous combustion by people I didn't even know!   View YouTube

Order Early, Save 25%
Monolith No. 1
(Monolith No. 1)

Christmas is fast approaching and times are still very hard.  To do my part I'm offering a 25% Discount on my original prints and folios (sorry, not posters or booklets).

Simply order by December 1, 2009 and mention the discount code "Christmas 2009" to receive your discount.

Visit my website for purchase information or contact me at

 About Cole Thompson Photography
At the Picnic
(At the Picnic)

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