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January 23rd, 2009
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Dear Cole,

"I was born into a world of black & white images.

Television and movies were in black & white, the news was in black & white and the nation was still segregated into black & white. My childhood heroes were in black & white and these images were an extension of the world, as I knew it."
(from Cole Thompson's Bio)

When I was born, there were still parts of the country where an African-American could not sit at the front of a bus or associate with white people. And yet our country is now led by President Obama, a miracle when viewed from my perspective. It is amazing and I'm proud of our progress.


I met a new friend this month; Alejandro Zepeda is a photographer from Mexico who came to my aid one night on the streets of San Diego. We then had dinner together, talked about our experience and discussed photography. One can never have too many friends, thanks Alejandro!


This month's video is about an artist, who's art is both unique and entertaining. It made me smile!

Watch the Video.


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B&W Magazine Article - Creative Journey
Ghosts of Auschwitz B&W Article

B&W Magazine has honored me by featuring "The Ghosts of Auschwitz and Birkenau" portfolio in their current issue. The story is told by Senior Contributing Editor,Richard Pitnic, who interviewed me for the March issue which is on newsstands now.

I am pleased to have the story of the Holocaust highlighted one more time, in what I believe is a unique photographic way.

While visiting the camps I had left the tour because it was so overwhelming. As I walked, I wondered about the people whose feet had walked in exactly the same footsteps as mine, and I wondered if their spirits still lingered there today.

And so I photographed ghosts.

Read the Article.

View the Complete Portfolio

New Harbinger Images
Harbinger No. 7

(Harbinger No. 7 - White Sands, NM)

This month took me to Las Cruces, NM for an exhibition of my work at the Preston Contemporary Art Center. Las Cruces is a beautiful place and about one hour away is White Sands, NM.

White Sands is famous for it's...uh...white sands. It's so amazingly white that if you're from snow country, you start to think your driving in the snow and look for your coat before getting out of the car!

The Las Cruces area has incredibly beautiful skies; they are clear in the morning, accumulate clouds during the day, which then disappear by dusk.

These changing cloud conditions allowed me to add several new Harbinger images to my collection. When I created my first one in Utah this summer, I really thought it would be difficult to fill an entire portfolio with similar images, but it's surprising how many you can find when you're constantly looking for them.

View the Harbinger Series.

My Favorites

(Skeleton - Fort Collins, CO)

If you're new to my work, going through my web site can be daunting. I have too many images and I've committed to simplify the site this year.

To make your visit a little easier, I've compiled a page of "Favorites" including "Skeleton" above.

If you have a minute, please browse though the images and let me know which are your favorites.

View Cole's Favorites

Moab Photography Symposium
Moab Photo Symposium

I'm often asked if I teach workshops and up to now I've had to say "no." Well now I can say yes because this Spring I'll be conducting my first workshop at the Moab Photography Symposium. Held in Utah at the end of April, I'll be a guest speaker as well as conducting a workshop on "Seeing in Black and White."

You couldn't ask for a better location or nicer time of year for this Symposium. My workshop is limited to 12 people due to the Parks permit restrictions, so please sign up early. I'm pretty excited about this (and a bit nervous too), so I hope I'll have some friends in the class.

Read More About the Moab Photo Symposium

Pecan Orchard at Dusk

(Pecan Orchards at Dusk - Mesilla, NM)

  • "The Ghosts of Auschwitz and Birkenau" is being featured in the current issue of B&W Magazine, available at most major magazine and book stores.
  • Rangefinder Magazine is doing an article on the past recipients of the "Photographer of the Year" from the Black and White Spider Awards. The article is about how this award affects careers, and so I am quoted in the article.
  • My work is being exhibited at the Preston Contemporary Art Center in Mesilla, NM through March 29th.
  • Three of my images are being exhibited at the Elder Gallery in Lincoln, NM as part of the cities PhotoFest 2009.
  • My portfolio "Ceiling Lamps" will be exhibited for the first time at "Sideshow" in Dolores, CO. The exhibit opens February 28th and runs through mid April.

The Ghosts of Auschwitz and Birkenau Folio
Auschwitz No. 4

(Auschwitz No. 4)

The "The Ghosts of Auschwitz and Birkenau" is now available in a limited edition folio. These fifteen images are printed to 7" X 7" and matted to 12" X 12" using archival materials. The images are then housed in a custom wooden box, suitable for presentation.

The edition is limited to 25 and the first 5 sets are selling for $1295. Please note that profits from this folio are being donated to Holocaust awareness organizations.

To discuss the folio or to purchase one, please contact me at:


Cole Thompson Photography

Phone: 970-218-9649

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