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Linnie - A Portrait of Breast Cancer


In July of 2008 I had the privilege of photographing Linnie, she had a rare breast cancer,
endured a mastectomy, was undergoing chemotherapy and feared she would not live the year.
She was an acquaintance who purchased The Angel Gabriel and had then asked if I would
photograph her and her mastectomy, as she felt there was good to be done by this act. I was
uncomfortable for several reasons; I have never been good at photographing people and
portrait photography requires special skills that I do not possess. Then of course, there was
the subject matter; terrifying, destructive, deadly and very personal. 
I did not want to do it, but did and I'm grateful for the experience. Linnie is beautiful, dignified,
brave and so many other things; it was very humbling to photograph her.
These images may be controversial for some and too private for others. However it is Linnie's
wish that they be shown and good come of them, and that's as it should be. 


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