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Issue 101 - December 15, 2017


Hello Cole,


I've been quiet lately. I've only sent out one newsletter in the last several months, very few blog posts and almost no social media.


Where have I been? Well, mostly travelling...and thinking.


What have I been thinking about? Social Media for one thing.


What have I learned? That there is life after social media and in some ways a better life. It's easy to get caught up on all of that popularity stuff.


Is there a place for social media in my life? I think so, but I'm still trying to figure out what it is. There has to be a better option besides "all in" or "all out."





In this newsletter I'm introducing the complete portfolio of new images from the Faroe Islands. The project is named:


Nature is Rude and

Incomprehensible at First





I'd like to wish all of my friends a Merry Christmas. I know this is a politically incorrect thing to do, but at my age...I don't care.


In the world of Cole, a person's intent should be the measure of offense, not how the words are received.


I sincerely hope the true meaning of Christmas will cause us all to be a little kinder, a little more considerate and a little more tolerant.




Nature is Rude and Incomprehensible at First


Here are the final images from my Faroe Island adventure and the resulting portfolio:


Nature is Rude and

Incomprehensible at First


I started out with some 1600 images and have whittled it down to 45.


New Website!


I am pretty excited about my new website. It has a similar look to the old one but now it's mobile friendly, cleaner and easier to use.


My friend Steve Ellis has been responsible for this project and it's been a very smooth process, much simpler than I expected.


Steve has had some very large clients, but he's also had small clients like me. And very importantly, Steve has a photography background and so he understands how a website must work for a photographer.


If you need a new or redesigned website, talk with Steve at Ellis Ideas.


Newsletter/Blog Signup


In the past I've had a website and a blog, with two signup lists. Now with the new website, I have a single signup for both.


This means that if you've signed up for my website, you will now also receive my blog posts...and visa-versa.


The website and blog do have different content. The blog is more about words and ideas whilst the website is about images.


The Lone Man


While in the Faroe's I was able to add a new image to "The Lone Man" series. What makes this image extra special, is that this "lone man" is my daughter-in-law Erica!


My son Cody, his wife Erica and their daughter Margot were visiting me in Torshavn. We were able to see many sites and photograph together.


While I was photographing the enormous cliffs at Trćlanípan, they were on top looking down. And at one point as Erica stood there alone, I created this image.


Road to Nowhere


The "Road to Nowhere" series is one that is taking a very long time to complete. Here are two new additions from the Faroe Islands.


Print Drawing


"Tis the season" and so I drew five names for this print drawing instead of one!


Here are the "lucky five" who will receive a print of the "Jim Bridger Power Plant."


·     Steve Zmak

·     Michael Benton

·     Barbara Martin

·     Chris Reubel

·     Gerry Toler


Congratulations! Please contact me and arrange for your print to be delivered.





This newsletter's free drawing will be for "Faroe Island No. 8" above.


To enter the drawing, send an email to me at and put "Faroe Island No. 8" in the subject line.



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