November 30, 2013

Newsletter No. 60

2013-10-19 They Walk Among Us - Final 11-28-2013 1000They Walk Among Us


I’ve returned from Bandon, Oregon with 12 new images that I’m introducing in my latest newsletter.

Read the newsletter here

These are two of my favorites from the series.


2013-10-19 Monolith No 68 - Final 11-27-2013 1000Monolith No. 68

7 thoughts on “Newsletter No. 60

  1. A high key image like “Walk” was a surprise. Almost like seeing one of your images in color. Great point in the newsletter about making the most of what the conditions give you, turning lemons into lemonade, all those bromides which remind us to remain flexible. “Love the one you’re with”. As always, very inspirational.

  2. Hey Cole, Just a note to say thanks for posting that Edward Weston video, which I just got to. It blew me away. Filmed in 1948, it’s an amazing glimpse into the life of a photographer 65 years ago. Having read his Daybooks, it meant so much more actually seeing where and how he lived. I will be coming back to watch this numerous times. Also, no surprise his apprentice is shapely and pretty. This video is priceless.

  3. Thanks Sam, it was the first time I had seen it also, and like you I am a huge fan of his Day Books and philosophies. I’m glad some of those philosophies came through on the Movie. It was sad to see the beginnings of his Parkinson’s disease however.

  4. Hi Cole, thank you for showing us your new images! I am always looking forward to your newsletter and your new photographs. Monolith No. 66 is my favourite. I like the vanishing rock in the mist.
    All the best to you

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