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Issue 65

February 13th, 2015


Moai Standing



Dear Cole,


I fell in love with the Moai of Easter Island when I was 17 and read the book Aku Aku by Thor Heyerdahl. For most of my life I considered visiting there an unreachable dream, but last year as I was reviewing my "bucket list" I said to myself: Why not?


And so off I went to fulfill that dream and to photograph.


Today I'm introducing the first of three groups of new images from that trip. These images were created at the Ahu's (shrines) that have multiple standing Moai. This is where I was drawn to each day and where I spent many hours waiting for changing conditions.


Over the next two weeks I will introduce the other two sets of images, with the last set being my favorite. The idea for that project came to me in a dream as we traveled to Easter Island and I felt inspired to create it. 


This was a trip of a lifetime and even if I had come home empty handed, it still would have been a wonderful trip. Fortunately that did not happen and I thank you for looking at my new images.




P.S. As you may know, I love inspirational videos and here is one that proves there are many good people in the world.


 Welfare Mom Out of Money in the Grocery Checkout Line




Moai Standing

Harbinger No. 22 at Ahu Tongariki






Ahu Tongariki No. 6




Ahu Tongariki No. 2




Ahu Tahai No. 2

Ahu Akivi No 1


Ahu Tongariki No. 3

Ahu Tahai No. 1


 Ahu Anakena No. 2






Ahu Tongariki Panorama









The winner of this month's drawing is Donald Sloan (known to his friends as Old Fool Larry) who will receive a signed print of "Devil's Tower" 


The next drawing will be for a copy of the book "Why Photographs Work" by George Barr. One of my images is featured in this very interesting book.


To enter the drawing; simply email me at and put "Why Photographs Work" in the subject line.  




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