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Issue 71

November 13th, 2015



New Images

The Intersection of Vision and Passion

I'm Retiring

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Dear Cole,


I've just spent 22 days and 7,000 miles driving...and only created 11 new images. 


That's one new image every two days or one every 636 miles. 


Perhaps I should have been a bus driver instead of a photographer!


This trip taught me a great lesson about Passion and you can read my thoughts in the article below.




P.S. Here's a video of a lawn chair being made, by hand. I'm not sure what is more impressive, the chair being made or the video of the chair being made. Both are works of art! 


Watch a lawn chair be made.




New Images



Isolated No. 15 - 2015 - Hopewell Rocks, The Bay of Fundy, New Brunswick 







White Mountains - 2015 - Colorado







Tree Trunks - 2015 - New Brunswick






Beauty in Death No. 2 - 2015 - Nova Scotia





Self Shadow, Nova Scotia - 2015






Peggy's Point Lighthouse - 2015 - Nova Scotia





Lake Reeds - 2015 - New Brunswick





St. Louis Arch - 2015





Fluid Water No. 46 - 2015 - Bushkill Falls, PA







A Shadow of My Former Self - 2015 - Nova Scotia






Beauty in Death No. 3 - 2015 - New Brunswick









The Intersection of Vision and Passion


String of Pearls - 2006 - Lake Chuzenji, Japan



I've just driven 7000 miles in 22 days and during that time traveled through 22 states and 2 Canadian provinces. That's a lot of time in the car and it afforded a lot of thinking. 


And what I've been thinking about is Passion and how it relates to Vision.


I noticed that as I drove through the incredibly beautiful autumn scenery of New England, I was not inspired to create. But when I came across water of any kind, and particularly along the coast, I found myself excited and creating.


Now one might initially attribute this to me being a black and white photographer in the middle of a color wonderland. But I don't think that's what it was. Fall colors can make for some amazing black and white images and I know that there are great images in those hills. 


And yet here were thousands of photographers flocking to the area to shoot the beauty of the mountains and trees...and I'm only taking the occasional iPhone snapshot to send back to my family! Why?


My conclusion is that I just don't feel a Passion for mountains and trees, but I do for water. 


But "why" do certain environs inspire me while others do not? I don't know and the "why" is not very important to me: what's important is that I recognize the source of my Passion and then do something about it.


In the past I've tried to force projects that I didn't have a Passion for: the projects languished, I had to force myself to work on them and I was not happy with the results. Not one of those projects were ever successful. 


Never. Not one. Ever.


And so I've decided that with my limited time I will only focus on the places and things that excite me most, and for now that's water and the coast.


I've long understood the role of Vision in creating work that I love, but now I'm beginning to appreciate the role of Passion as being nearly as important.


With Vision I can create unique images. With Passion comes an excitement that drives me.


And while I might use each one individually to some success, I now realize that my best work is created at the intersection of Vision and Passion.





I'm Retiring


Ingrid Surrounded



I'm retiring.


No, not from photography but from my full time job that I've had since 1981. 


During that time I've had to squeeze in my photography around career and family. 


This is a big change in my life and I now hope to travel and create more.


One change related to my retiring is my email address. In the past I've often communicated using my work email, which will soon be going away. From now on would you please use my photography email address?



Thank you!




Print Drawing


Time No. 2 - Death Valley



The winner of this month's drawing for "Old Car Interior" is Patricia Sweeney! Please send me your address Pat, and I'll get this print out to you! 

The next drawing will be for a signed print of "Time No. 2" above.


For those of you new to my newsletter drawings; simply email me at and put "Time No. 2" in the subject line.  




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