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Issue 63

August 29th, 2014



Creating While on Vacation

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Dear Cole,


I've created five new images while on vacation in Hawaii.  The image above is entitled "Hana" and is my favorite of the group. The other images are below.




P.S. Rethink Homelessness



Waialohe Point





Windmills on Maui





Self Shadow on the Grass (a new addition to my "Self Shadows" series)





Learning to Fish







Creating While on Vacation




Socks - This was created during my wife's family Christmas gathering.



I recently went on vacation with my wife where I attempted to create some new images. I always find it difficult to split my attention between two purposes; vacationing and creating. This has been an ongoing conflict, trying to be there for my family but also wanting to create in some wonderful locations.


Some of the challenges I face are: 


The family hates waiting for me while I photograph and they no longer believe me when I say "I'll only be 10 minutes!" 


I feel guilty taking time from the family to photograph...but I so want to get that shot!


Photographing on vacation makes me feel rushed, and my creative process does not like to be rushed. 


The family wants to help me out by pointing out every "great shot" they see. I know they are trying to be helpful, but what they think is a great shot differs from what I think.


I cannot be creative on a moments notice but rather need 2-3 days of full time shooting just to get into the "seeing mode" as I call it. And yet while on vacation I'm forced to carve out an hour here and an hour there, and so it's hard to get into that mode.


But as I reviewed my past vacation images, I realized that despite my conflicted feelings, I have been able to reach a compromise between family and photography. 


Sure, I'd prefer to create images on a dedicated photo trip, but photographing while on vacation still beats the alternative of not photographing at all! 


Here are some images from past vacations:


Waiting - We were on a family vacation in San Clemente when I slipped away a couple of times to photograph down by the pier.




Chuzenji-ko - My wife and I were visiting my son Corby who was a Marine serving in Japan. We visited the Village Chuzenji-ko and they took a walk and talked while I photographed.




Lone Man No. 37 - I created this when we were on a family dive vacation in the Honduras.





Isolated - From the Japan trip to see my son.





At the Picnic - We were visiting my son Cody and his wife Erica in Ukraine when I created this image. We were at a picnic hosted by Cody's friend who wanted to see me work.





Two Trees - My wife Dyan and I were driving around the Big Island when I saw this shot. Dyan sat in the car and read a book while I hiked in to create this image.





Peas in a Pod - We were on a family hike in the Iao Valley when I stopped to photograph a stream. My daughter Mason got bored waiting for me and created this masterpiece (which turned out better than the stream shot below).





Balance - Not as good as "Peas in a Pod" above!





Ukrainians, With Eyes Shut No. 6 - This series was created on the streets of Ukraine over a two day period as my wife, son and daughter-in-law looked on or explored.





Old Wardour Castle - We were in England visiting castles when I put a sheet on my daughter Mason and had her spin for a 30 second exposure.





Stone Jetty No. 6 - I left my wife back at the condo for the day and created this on Maui.





Ceremonial Wash Basin - My wife and son Corby would see the sights while I wandered around photographing. Dyan has always been very patient with me in this regard.





Two Kimonos - My son Corby helped me with this image and we left my wife to wander alone in Tokyo.





Swimming Towards the Light - We were at my wife's family reunion when I created this image of my daughter Mason swimming laps in the pool.





Auschwitz No. 14 - While visiting my son Cody and his wife Erica in Ukraine, we travelled to Poland and visited Auschwitz-Birkenau. While they took the tour, I created this series.





Stonehenge - My wife and kids waited in the car for two hours while I photographed in the rain.





Bent Grass - My wife and I had a getaway without the kids, when I left her in the room for a few hours so I could photograph. This image has always been a favorite of mine, despite it not being very popular with the public.





Peterhof - My wife, my son Cody and I were touring Peterhof Palace in St Petersburg when I broke away to photograph this line of trees.





Harbinger No. 1 - My son Jem and I were on a road trip when I stopped to photograph these mud hills. It was over 100 degrees and I dragged him up the hills with me which made him very disagreeable. I hope now that he enjoys being a part of this story.





Clouds - We had just driven from San Francisco to Colorado and were just one mile from home when I saw these clouds. I knew that I would face a firestorm of protest if I stopped...but I did and I'm glad that I did!








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Stranded in Cuba

Stranded in Cuba (New Mexico!)



Just a reminder that there are still prints available from my Exhibition Print Sale.  

Here is the listing of images for sale.

The sale ends on 9/20/2014.










Devils Tower


The winner of this month's drawing is Jim Hartwig who will receive a signed print of "Road to Nowhere No. 4." Congratulations Jim, please send your mailing address so that I can mail you the print!


The next drawing will be for a signed print of "Devils Tower" above.  


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