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Issue 61

March 7th, 2014



The Dunes of Nude

Ancient Stones


Self Shadows




Dear Cole,


I've just spend two wonderful weeks wandering about Death Valley, Trona Pinnacles and the Alabama Hills while helping out with the John Barclay/Dan Sniffin Photo Tour. I was introduced to two new areas, made fourteen new friends and came home with some new images.


My favorite from the trip is Harbinger No. 16 above, I just love this image!


Many of the other new images are below and the rest are on my website.


Since I just wrote a blog article about using too many words, I'll stop talking and let the images speak for themselves. Thank you for your interest and patronage! 





P.S. Here's a short artist video that I found inspirational, it's about Strandbeests.




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New "The Dunes of Nude" Images


Dunes of Nude No. 85

See the entire series:




Dunes of Nude No. 86 





Dunes of Nude No. 107





Dunes of Nude No. 103





Dunes of Nude No. 104





Dunes of Nude No. 99





Dunes of Nude No. 98





Dunes of Nude No. 104





Dunes of Nude No. 90





Dunes of Nude No. 89





Dunes of Nude No. 87


New "Ancient Stones" Images


Ancient Stones No. 23


Here are nine new additions to the "Ancient Stones" portfolio and you can see the entire portfolio here:




 Ancient Stones No. 17





 Ancient Stones No. 18





  Ancient Stones No. 19





 Ancient Stones No. 20





 Ancient Stones No. 21





 Ancient Stones No. 22





  Ancient Stones No. 25





 Ancient Stones No. 26








Manzanar, Barracks


Are you familiar with the Japanese-American internment camps that the United States erected during World War Two? Read my blog post about Manzanar, which is located just north of Lone Pine, California.










Self Shadows


Self Shadow, Death Valley


A "Self Shadow" is my version of a self portrait.   Here are four new Self Shadows for my portfolio which you can view here:




Self Shadow, Manzanar





Self Shadow, Alabama Hills





 Self Shadow (I'm on the left)






Miscellaneous Images


Road to Nowhere No. 4


You can see all of my new images at:




Trona at Sunrise





The Sierra Range





Lone Man, Zabriskie Point






Highlights and Shadows





Big Sky









Iceland No. 9


The winner of this month's drawing is Richard Haber who will receive a signed print of "Alphie." Congratulations Richard, please contact me so I can arrange to send you the print.


The next drawing will be for a signed print of "Iceland No. 9" above.  


For those of you new to my newsletter drawings; simply email me at and put "Number 9, Number 9, Number 9..." in the subject line.  


I wonder how many people will get the "Number 9" reference?  If you do and correctly explain it in the email, I'll enter your name twice in the drawing!




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