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Issue 64

November 14th, 2014








Dear Cole,


I've created twenty three new images from my recent trip to Bandon. Above is one of my favorites, entitled "Sand Bar." 


I think I'll keep things short and let the images speak for themselves.




P.S. Here's an unbelievable video about a gymnast, who is adopted, who has no legs and how she finds her sister.





New Additions to the Monolith Portfolio


Monolith No. 78


For several years I've been going to Bandon, Oregon in the autumn to photograph the Monoliths. But this year I wasn't sure if I'd still find them interesting after so many visits.


I continue to be inspired by them.


You can view the complete portfolio here: Monoliths


Monolith No. 82







Monolith No. 81







Monolith No. 79




 Monolith No. 75




Monolith No. 77




 Monolith No. 73




Monolith No. 72




 Monolith No. 71






New Additions to the Isolated Series


Isolated No. 8


"Isolated" is a fairly new series and it started out with just trees, but I'm now expanding beyond that. You can view the complete portfolio here: Isolated 


Isolated No. 9






 Isolated No. 11






 Isolated No. 7






 Isolated No. 6






 Isolated No. 5






Miscellaneous New Images














See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil

...and Photograph No Evil












Storm Debris






 Ocean and River Abstract






 Reflections on Her Sinking






Lighthouse, Cape Blanco









Dunes of Nude No. 107


The winner of this month's drawing is Gordon Middleton who will receive a signed print of "Road to Nowhere No. 4." Ironically Gordon lives just down the road from me, congratulations Gordon!


The next drawing will be for a signed print of "Dunes of Nude No. 107" above.  


To enter the drawings; simply email me at and put "Dunes of Nude" in the subject line.  




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