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Issue 62

June 20th, 2014



Five New Images

Exhibition Print Sale



Dear Cole,


Two years have past since my last "Exhibition Print Sale" and I'm happy again to offer many prints for sale with deep discounts. Details are below.


~ ~ ~


I've just returned from a delightful trip through Wyoming and South Dakota with my longtime and best friend Wayne. We visited Martin's Cove and Devil's Tower in Wyoming and Mount Rushmore in South Dakota. We had a great time sightseeing, talking, eating Mexican every single day and of course photographing. 


I've brought home five new images which you can see below.


~ ~ ~


My friend Benoit shared with me some photography quotes and this one struck me: 


"Photography is the story I fail to put into words." Destin Sparks


Words and feelings are so hard for me, but when I create an image I feel I have said so much.


~ ~ ~


And lastly, here is an incredible story from 60 Minutes about a man who may be the best forger the world has ever known, and yet he never copied a single image. He may also be one of the world's greatest artists...that you've never heard of.










Five New Images


My short trip to Wyoming and South Dakota left me with many nice memories and these five new images:


Harbinger No. 21






Harbinger No. 20


When I created my first Harbinger image several years ago, I never dreamed I'd have the opportunity to create others, it just seemed so unlikely.  But by watching and being patient, I've now have a number of these images.


You can see the entire "Harbinger" series here:





Smile! No. 50


Smile! is a frivolous little pet project that focuses on people taking pictures of their friends and families while sightseeing. And now with the "selfie" in full-blown vogue, it has opened up new opportunities.


I don't consider this an artistic endeavor, but I do have fun taking these pictures!


You can see the entire "Smile!" series here:






Ceiling Lamp, Hotel Alex Johnson


Everytime I consider the Ceiling Lamp series complete, I see another interesting Ceiling Lamp! I don't think viewing the lamps singly is nearly as interesting as viewing them together as a group.


You can see the entire "Ceiling Lamp" series here:






Devil's Tower


I don't find myself creating many traditional landscapes anymore (been there, done that) but creating this image brought back waves of nostalgic feelings from my Ansel Adam days.





Exhibition Print Sale


Monolith No. 42



About every two years I hold an exhibition print sale where I sell prints that have been exhibited and cannot be sold as new prints. Other images were printed but never delivered and some were test prints. Because I have limited space, I periodically offer these prints at a deep discount.

The image and matte fronts (if included) are in perfect condition.  If frames are included, these frames will have blemishes from being shipped and exhibited, but they are in good to very good condition.  

But because these prints may have been exhibited, there could be mounting marks on the backs of the mattes, pinholes in the corners of the print (not the image) and labels or writing on the back.  


However the print and the matte (if included) are in great condition.


Each piece has a price listed and there is a single $15 shipping charge per order for shipments within the US.  


To order, simply cut and paste the thumbnail image and the entire line of information, and then email it to me at I will respond and let you know if the image is still available.  


This is a "first come, first served" system, so please don't take too long to email me. I accept PayPal and the sale ends on 9/20/2014. 


Here is the listing of images for sale.




P.S. The listing includes the bulk of the images, but there is a large drawer of loose prints that I did not include.  If you are looking for something specific, please ask and I'll look through the box.









Road to Nowhere No. 4


The winner of this month's drawing is Derk Jager who will receive a signed print of "Iceland No. 9." Congratulations Derk, please contact me so I can arrange to send you the print!


The next drawing will be for a signed print of "Road to Nowhere No. 4" above.  


For those of you new to my newsletter drawings; simply email me at and put "Road to Nowhere" in the subject line.  




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