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September 26th, 2013


(Iceland No. 1  -  Berufjördður  - 2013)



Iceland was Incredible! 



Iceland was incredible; the land, the people, the experiences...all of it including a

harrowing ride in winds of over 130 mph.  My car was severely damaged as flying

rocks blew out my windows and sandblasted my car. At the time my only concern

was keeping the car upright in the strongest winds I have ever encountered.


But what a great story and memories I now have!


I went to Iceland to create new images, but truthfully if all I came home with are

these memories, then the trip was a success.  Fortunately, I do think I'll have a 

couple images that I like, including "Iceland No. 1" above.




On another note, the Death Valley Workshop in January is sold out.  Sorry.


But if you're living in the Colorado area, I am conducting a one day workshop 

on "Cole's Rule of Thirds" at the Center for Fine Art Photography.  This will 

be held on Saturday November 9th, 2013 and you can learn more about it at


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