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 Issue 59     

October 18, 2013   



Iceland Images



Dear Cole,


This newsletter introduces my latest work from Iceland where I spent fifteen days of driving, walking, looking, seeing and photographing.   


In preparation for my visit, there is one very important thing that I didn't do: I didn't look at a single image of Iceland created by other photographers. I wanted to see through my own vision and not be influenced by another's.


Did my approach work? Did I see more uniquely by not looking at other photographer's work?


I hope so and I believe so.





P.S. Here's a video that inspires me.  Meet Richie Parker who said: "I don't listen too much to people when they tell me I can't do something."



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Iceland - A Sample


Monolith No. 62


I told myself that even if I came home without a single good image, the trip would be successful if I had a great time. I did have a great time and fortunately I did come home with a few images that I like.


Here's a sample of my new images.  Click here to see all thirty.




Iceland No. 30





Iceland No. 22





Iceland No. 19





Iceland No. 12





Iceland No. 8





Iceland No. 4





Iceland No. 2




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The winner of this month's drawing is Jim Robertson who will receive a signed print of "Windsurfing." Jim, please contact me to arrange delivery!


The next drawing will be for a signed print of "Iceland No. 12" above.  


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