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Issue 38
April 23rd, 2010
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New Images
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Dear Cole,

I love being around optimistic people. I think optimism affects how you create and view art; when I'm "up" I feel more creative and I seem to appreciate art more. Some people seem to be just naturally optimistic, and for others it's a habit that needs to be constantly developed and worked at. A nice thing about being around optimistic people is that the feeling is infectious.


This newsletter is a bit overdue, but since the last one in February I have been on four trips. For whatever reason, I found myself "grazing" on this trip (see my blog entry) and the images I brought home were varied and random. Included in this email are the twelve new images from these trips.


The March/April issue of Photo Technique magazine is now available at your local bookstore. Please take a look at the article "Darkness at Noon" which features six pages of my work.


A friend recently sent me a quote which I very much enjoyed:

"The voyage of discovery is not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes." Marcel Proust, French philosopher


Be optimistic!


New Images

Stone Jetty No. 1
(Stone Jetty No. 1)

I was far out on a stone jetty at the Oceanside Harbor when suddenly a furious storm blew in and engulfed me.  Within seconds I went from safe and dry to soaked with lightening striking all around me.  All I could think to do was to curl into the smallest ball possible and get in-between the rocks.  After about 30 seconds I was completely soaked and fearing for my safety and equipment, I decided to make a run for it.  The question was, should I leave the tripod behind or run carrying a large metallic lightening rod with me?  Of course I took it, I love that tripod! 

I was able only able to create this one image before running for cover. This image will always remind me of that extraordinary experience.



Stone Jetty No. 3
(Stone Jetty No. 3)

Minneapolis Power Lines
(Minneapolis Power Lines)

Bridge on the Mississippi
(Bridge on the Mississippi)

Cracked Stone
(Cracked Stone)



Ceiling Lamp, Minneapolis Ikea
(Ceiling Lamp, Minneapolis Ikea)

Weisman Art Museum
(Weisman Art Gallery)

(Santa Monica Pier)

Santa Monica Pier

  Last Month's Drawing Results

Lone Man No. 37
(Lone Man No. 37)

The winner of last month's drawing for one of my exhibition prints is:

   Lonnie Landrey

The image he has won is Lone Man No. 37.  Lonnie, please email me your address and I'll mail this off to you directly!

Calendars, Greeting Cards and Keepsake Boxes

Fallen No. 2
(Fallen No. 2)

My friend Adelle Laudan is now offering a line of Calendars, Greeting Cards and Keepsake Boxes that are adorned with my images. Adelle has done a very nice job of selecting the the right image and preparing these beautiful items. I think they'd make a nice gift for the photographer or connoisseur of black and white photography. 

Here's where you can see the items:

    Calendars:    Greeting Cards    Keepsake Boxes

Many have already asked if "Woopie Cushions" will be available. Unfortunately, not at this time but we will consider them if enough requests are received.

I will be raffling off a 10 Pack of Greeting Cards on May 15th, 2010. To enter, please send an email with "Greeting Card Raffle" in the subject line.

 About Cole Thompson Photography
Tree in Fog
(Tree in Lifting Fog)

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