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Issue 35
November 20th, 2009
Lone Man No. 20

The Lone Man - New Images
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Dear Cole,

The Northern California coastline is some of the most beautiful in the world and I had the good fortune to spend 5 days there.  I went to finish "The Lone Man" series, and to recharge my creative batteries.

The Lone Man project consists of thirty second exposures that explore how people are affected by the size and power of the ocean.  People stop, they listen and think deep thoughts.

While there I also got to stop, listen and think deep thoughts.


While at the coast, I had the pleasure of lunching with a wonderful photographer and friend, Huntington Witherill.  I love Hunter's work, especially his black and white, and have two of his creations in my home.  Please check out his images.


This month I am offering my Old Car Interior lithographic poster for $9.95 plus $4.95 shipping and handling.  Click here to see the poster.

Also keep in mind that my Christmas 25% discount is good until December 1st, you can read about it below.


My next newsletter won't be out until after the holidays, so let me wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas!  Despite all of the troubles in the world, there is still much to be thankful for.


The Lone Man - New Images
Lone Man No. 30

People ask, how do you find people who stand still for 30 seconds?

Lone Man No. 27

Something unusual happens when a person stands on the edge of the world and stares outward.  They become still. You can almost see their thoughts as they ponder something much greater than themselves.

Lone Man No. 24

Where did I come from?
What is my purpose?
What happens after this life?
What does it all mean?
Does my life have meaning?
What is beyond, the beyond?
Do I make a difference?
Is there more?

Lone Man No. 25

People are affected by this time of meditation and they
vow to make changes in their lives. 

Lone Man No. 26

But soon these weighty matters are replaced with other more pressing questions;

McDonalds or Burger King?
Large or extra large fries?
And should I try that new green milkshake?

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Isolated No. 2
Isolated No. 2
(Isolated No. 2 - 17 Mile Drive, CA - 2009)

This is along the 17 mile drive on the way to Carmel, I'm told this is a famous Cypress Tree.
Monolith No. 10
(Monolith No 10 - Pigeon Point CA - 2009)

Do you have experience publishing a Wikipedia article?  I am looking for someone to write a short article and then to create a Wikipedia page for me, in return for two unmatted prints. 

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Diminishing Cliffs
(Diminishing Cliffs - Northern California Coast - 2009)

My work will be featured in the upcoming issue of Fotoblur Magazine.  Fotoblur is the creation of Lance Ramoth, a wonderful architectural photographer.

Neutral Density Magazine will be featuring my work in an upcoming issue.

Leon Taylor, in an upcoming podcast, has chosen my work to recommend to listeners.

I am selling my dual Epson 4800 printers.  If you have an interest in them, please contact Matt Oke at

I still have some test prints that are available for school photography programs.  If you know someone who can benefit, please have them contact me at:

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Bent Grass
(Bent Grass - Sulfur Hot Springs, CO - 2004)

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Rushing Waters
(Rushing Waters - Beverly's Mill, VA - 2005)

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