June 1, 2011

BWVision Interview

I don’t know if you’re familiar with Joel Tjintjelaar, but he’s a good friend of mine from the Netherlands.  He’s also an amazing B&W photographer AND owns and runs BWVision.com.  Joel is really busy!

Joel just interviewed me for his blog and you can read it here: BWVision Interview with Cole Thompson

You’ll want to keep an eye on BWVision.com over the next several weeks.


P.S.  This is an image from my trip to Hawaii last week.  A few more to come in my next newsletter.

5 thoughts on “BWVision Interview

  1. That was a great interview Cole. Every time I read your views on having a vision and photography as a tool for the artist i’m inspired to go out and create images representing my vision of the world. Thanks for your contribution to the arts. Philip

  2. I read that interview, printed it out, and frequently refer back to it. I find your comments about finding peace with your own art to be particularly helpful. In the end, it is the artist who must be pleased with the work created. For me, that is something that I want to internalize. I really think that is a path to creative happiness.

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